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Entrepreneurship - How To Build Your Business

2 Day Workshop


Learn about the behaviours and mindset that enable entrepreneurs to be successful.

In this two-day workshop on building your business as an entrepreneur, you will learn about the behaviours and mindset that enable entrepreneurs to be successful - From starting with the end in mind to hiring the best people, to learning how to stay relevant after the business has been built.

You will also be introduced to the tools you need to start and run a new business in order to navigate the growth and expansion challenges that will be faced and at the same time avoid the inherent pitfalls that are certain to arise.

What Learning Outcomes Will Be Achieved?

Identify the behaviours and mindset that entrepreneurs rely upon to be successful

Learn the tools needed to start and run a new business as an entrepreneur

Learn how to spot new trends in order to stay relevant

Eradicate staying in your own limited world and learn how to think big and have a big vision

Get clear on the business you’re in and the business you should be in

Who Should attend?

Anyone who is questioning whether they have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Anyone who knows they are an entrepreneur and needs to find out how to build their business.

Budding entrepreneurs


Launching in Autumn 2020

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Tracy Gravesande, Head of Unfolding Futures

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Your Investment

To undertake this invaluable course, your investment will be:

£595 + VAT for PDC Members

£995 + VAT for Non PDC Members

Background & Context

Who Is An Entrepreneur?

There is a difference between an entrepreneur and someone who is self-employed. 

The former possesses a different set of skills and behaviours to the latter. In truth, it starts with having a different mindset. The overarching mindset of the entrepreneur is one of curiosity.

An entrepreneur is visionary, is focused on the future, sees gaps that need to be filled and is willing to take the risk to try to fill the gap(s). 

Entrepreneurs always ask Why ?!?

More generally, why can’t something be done, or hasn’t been done.

What Does It Mean To Be An Entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur does not mean working in a room on your own. This is not about being the lone genius. 

That myth was busted some time ago. Being an entrepreneur requires high levels of confidence, 

a willingness to take chances, fail, and still be able to try again and again. 

Importantly, an entrepreneur is also willing to collaborate, to work with others 

to create a solution that will fill the gap he or she has seen.

This course will truly enable you to learn about the behaviours and mindset that enable entrepreneurs to be successful.