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Without adequate revenue in a business, there is no stability and opportunity for growth. If revenues continue to decline, there is often one outcome for the business which is that it will eventually have to shut its doors. Revenue comes from sales. Without sales there is no revenue, it’s as simple as that.

Business stability and growth require being able to create a need for and to be able to sell more of one’s product. In a crowded and global market, how can training businesses create this need and increase the sales of their training courses?

Increasing sales requires both a strategic and tactical approach as well as knowledge of how to sustain client engagement to continue to develop the client base and so create sustained business growth.

In this online course, you will learn about the Three Phase Formula for propelling course sales. In each of the three phases, you will learn about and work through specific activities that will result in you creating a blueprint for building a sustainable training business.

What Learning Outcomes Will Be Achieved?

Obtain clarity on where you have been, where you are currently and where you are going

Learn the three-phase system for propelling course sales

Explore the core strategic elements that lead to building a solid sales plan.

Identify activities that will support the future growth of sales for your training courses

Who Should Log-On & Attend?

• Training providers would like to increase their sales and revenues.

• Training providers who are looking for a systemized way to strategize and plan their sales approach.


Launching in April 2020

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