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Creativity, Innovation and Artistry at Work

2 Day Workshop

In a global and highly competitive marketplace,

businesses can no longer be complacent.

Throughout this two-day workshop, you will learn about and explore what it means to engage in innovation activities within your business.

After learning about the theory related to innovation, you will be introduced to practical techniques for generating new ideas and solving problems before going on to apply some of these techniques to real-life situations.

What Learning Outcomes Will Be Achieved?

Learn about the innovation process and recognise that innovation is an iterative process, not a linear one.

Identify the barriers and blocks to innovation and how to overcome them.

Explore the role of creativity within the innovation process.

Discover how to develop your creative skills. 

Learn how to use a variety of creative thinking methods, tools and techniques to generate new ideas and solve problems.

Begin to generate ideas and a plan for an issue or problem currently being experienced at work by applying theoretical concepts, frameworks and models to it.

Create an action plan that includes measures of success for applying and implementing the new skills learnt.

Who Should attend?

  • Leaders and Managers looking to find creative and innovative ways of approaching typical business challenges/problems.
  • People who need to use a creative and innovative approach to problem-solving to meet business objectives.
  • Anyone wanting to develop their creative thinking skills and techniques which can be successfully used for innovation management, entrepreneurship, new product development and decision-making.

Your Investment

This 2 Day Workshop is £595 + VAT for PDC Members

£995 for Non-PDC Members


Launching in Autumn 2020

Please Register Your Interest With 

Tracy Gravesande, Head of Unfolding Futures

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Background & Context

Talented, innovative workers seek out innovative companies where they are certain they can learn and grow. Companies that do not value innovation experience high attrition rates of talented staff.

In the current uncertain business climate fraught with massive technology, social and economic change, the status quo is not an option. 

Businesses need to operate in a way that secures revenues for today, whilst simultaneously keeping an eye on the future by engaging in innovation activities.

Maybe one of the biggest risks to a business today is not that it attempts to implement something new by innovating, but that it doesn’t.

Engaging in Innovation has proven to be a tried and tested approach to improving market penetration, money and time savings and business expansion.


Because it calls on everyone in the business to look at things from a different perspective, which leads to the generation of creative insights resulting in the solving of problems.

Innovation creates opportunities and new jobs and activities. There is no set way to approach innovation, and each business will adopt the approach that is right for it. 

The results of innovation activities include, and are not limited to:

Enhancements to products and/or services
Changes to the business model
A change in direction for the business
Improved processes

With this in mind, and in a global and highly competitive marketplace, businesses can no longer be complacent.